[sdiy] sync-in waveform? and vco pitch question

Neil Harper metadata at gmx.com
Tue Feb 23 05:08:56 CET 2021

so thanks to covid, i've had a lot of time to mess around with building
some oscillator schematics online and simulating them in falstad. i'm in
the process of cobbling my own together and i have a few n00b questions:

what waveform is expected to be going into a sync-input? is it always a
10vpp square wave assumed? i have a design that works with that, but
does not work with other waveforms so i'm wondering if I should
basically add an opamp comparator to turn whatever signal goes into it
into a square wave?

my other question is about calibrating vco's. is there any sort of
expected standard about what frequency/pitch should be when it receives
say 1V CV at the V/oct input? Are round numbers (1, 2, 3V etc.) expected
to at least land on a C note approximately?

/// Neil Harper
/// Every Wave is New Until it Breaks

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