[sdiy] CD sound quality evolution

Neil Johnson neil.johnson71 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 13:27:31 CET 2021

Randy Dawson wrote:
> Thanks, Brian, for your great audio insight,  but I will stick with my original assertion that 16 bit is OK.
> I offer a challenge you and AES to provide any thing about audio that is beyond this, and actually perceptible by even the Golden Ear customer.

There are many papers and reports published by the IEEE, AES and
various pro-audio communities and companies that provide more than
enough reading matter on this topic to satisfy all.  There are also
many online communities that support debates on audio quality issues
(bit depth, sample rates, directional speakers cables, gold-plated
fuses, etc).  Synth-diy is primarily for folks who design and build
music synthesizers.

> I am a Senior member of IEEE



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