[sdiy] Digital accumulator VCO core?

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Mon Feb 15 20:09:09 CET 2021

The worst unlistenable CDs I've heard were usually re-editions bragging 
in bright text about being digitaly remastered around year 2000. They 
sounded not even near to what was heard on original.
They sounded bad not because technology was weak, but because people 
remastering it had no idea how to do it and terribly mistreated 
dynamics, EQ and who knows what else.


PS. this went so far away from original subject

W dniu 2021-02-15 o 19:32, Mike Bryant pisze:
> No.  Because the 16 (sic) bit Burr-Brown DACs in every CD player were crap, the ADCs in the digitization studio weren't much better, and good compressors were rare so a lot of CDs were recorded with so much headroom lots of the time the output was down towards the noise floor.  That's why many CDs were remastered in the 1990s.  Also remember the Phil Collins debacle where the CD stopped playing half way through because a particular bit sequence matched the end of track flag.  Everybody was saying "why the f*** didn't they just wait until 20 bits was available".  Quite a few artistes refused to do CDs until the quality improved when ADC dithering and 1 bit DACs came along.
> Of course nowadays with MP3, a whole generation has found about 12 bits is more than enough for their hyper-compressed noise, but hey-ho.
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>> I agree some old CDs were almost unlistenable to,
> One would assume because of the programme material, rather than any flaws in the recording and reproduction process.

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