[sdiy] ADc & DAC voltage dividers.. fixed resistors values finally..

Jean-Pierre Desrochers jpdesroc at oricom.ca
Sun Feb 14 19:50:08 CET 2021

Following your wise suggestions I think the following circuit would
do a good job (precision & LSB kept wise).
On the DAC side, R5 will be in the feedback loop to keep 16 bits precision 

and from loading the actual U19B opamp  gain. (tested today in PSPICE)
Tested with a load going down to 3k !

The auto calibration (at final design step) will give the actual
offset to be adjusted for ADC/DAC correct tracking.

As shown here a common +5VDC 0.2% reference (REF02BP)
will be used for both ADC & DAC for dual tracking.
No more trimmer..


One more question arises though..

Should I use a gain 1 buffer between the R1/R2 node
and U16 AIN input ??
Even with C24 the ADC input has a track/hold circuit..
but the datasheet states that MAX11100  AIN input  leakage current is 10uA
worst case (40pf capacitance).. 

And.. adding another opamp in the ADC input chain could add possible offset

Maybe that's ok as it is so far..

BUT. As usual if you see something wrong please let me know..



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