[sdiy] Digital accumulator VCO core?

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Thu Feb 11 11:21:48 CET 2021

That's what I did long time ago in my polysynth, but using 5 bits. They 
were actually hardwired to 5-bit R-2R DACs, but with accessible 
individual square wvaes too.
The sonic results were not impressive, so late I decided to add 
32-sample wavetables, and that was much better. It still sounds like 
"bzzzz" but many different types of bzzzz.


W dniu 2021-02-10 o 17:24, Aaron B. pisze:
> This also makes me think of the Poly 800 tone generator - four square
> waves at different octaves, each switchable on/off, and a square/saw
> switch that simply adjusted their relative amplitudes. I've often
> thought of cloning it with a 4 bit digital divider and a standard VCO
> clocked 16x higher than normal. Going "backwards" with a triangle
> frequency doublers might work as well and be easier to tune, at the
> cost of more parts.

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