[sdiy] ODP: Which transistors for synth circuits?

Roman modular at go2.pl
Thu Dec 30 22:02:36 CET 2021

I pick transistors based on their package. As long as it comes in SC75, or DFN1010, it's good. Luckily BC847/857 come in every package ever invented.
Unless I want something specific. That's why my BJT stock holds around 30 types or so. 
There are also dual transistors, more available models to choose from than there were singles not so long ago. And everyone of them is better matched than famous classic 2SC1583


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>Hi all,
>I was wondering how you pick out transistors (as well as diodes) for
>synth circuits like filters. For example moog filter, 303 filter, etc.
>Do you look for anything in specific? I'm talking about a situation
>where you don't want to use the exact part in the schematic, but want
>to play around with parts and see what comes out of it.
>Best regards
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