[sdiy] Cooling in modular synths

Mattias Rickardsson mr at analogue.org
Mon Dec 27 14:02:10 CET 2021

Den sön 26 dec. 2021 20:50cheater cheater <cheater00social at gmail.com> skrev:

> Would you say current designs are less temp sensitive?

Yes, and put in other words you could say that there have been advances in
tuning and temperature compensation since 45 years ago. :-)

Temperature-dependent deviations have become better understood, temp
sensing and compensation can be done closer to the error source - on chip
level with less problematic factors, clever microprocessor control can be
used, etc.

What was the most temp sensitive part in things like a Jupiter 8,
> CS-80, or a Memorymoog? Or even an original Prophet-10? The last two
> especially are said to have been very difficult to keep in tune...

As said before, exponential converters are the most sensitive (but luckily
also the most consistent and relatively easy to compensate) in three of the

For the CS-80 with its linear VCOs I don't really know what would be the
main cause of tuning problems, apart for trimpots moving while touring...
and my CS-50 has never ever needed a re-tuning, so it feels quite robust at
least in moderate temperature variations.

Some traditionally tricky areas can be avoided by going linear, but I'm
currently fighting with some research understanding the other less famous
factors that then show up as temperature dependencies with more stochastic
variations between units. Both CV generation and basic analog circuits can
have some temperature dependencies due to resistors, caps, diodes, op-amps,
comparators and DACs not being perfectly perfect. :-)

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