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Thanks for letting us know. I will be sure to check it out!

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> I teach something music-related every spring. In the semesters that I’m
> not running my “Analog Circuits for Music Synthesis” class, I run my
> “Guitar Amplification and Effects” class, which I’m running this Spring
> I was really really really hoping we would be done with Covid-19 by now,
> but it looks like it’s not done with us, so I’ll one again be recording
> some lecture materials and putting them on YouTube. I’m working on getting
> some material up ahead of time. Here are the first two lectures on triodes:
> https://youtu.be/2OoL1YF7mbM
> https://youtu.be/VAc9HjGsidI
> I try to avoid saying annoying things like “please like and subscribe and
> ring the bell to be notified when new videos are posted” in my videos since
> I don’t like wasting people’s time. That said… please like and subscribe
> and ring the bell to be notified when new videos are posted (assuming, of
> course, that you are into that sort of thing).
> In the course I also cover the differential equations of vibrating
> strings, a bit of emag regarding pickups, pentodes, tone stacks, and some
> pedal effects circuits like distortion/overdrive, phasers, flangers, and
> wah wah pedals.
> - Aaron
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