[sdiy] Battery power for eurorack

René Schmitz synth at schmitzbits.de
Wed Dec 22 22:54:35 CET 2021

On 22.12.2021 21:41, Didier Leplae via Synth-diy wrote:
> I’m curious about the idea of using batteries for eurorack power. I am not an electrical engineer, so correct me if I’m wrong in thinking that battery power could potentially be very clean compared with the cheap power supplies many of us use.
> Plus, of course the portability would be another great benefit.
> Given recent advances in rechargeable battery technology, I wonder if it could be practical and not terribly expensive.
>   I’m assuming you might need two or even three separate batteries to get the +12 , -12 and +5 volt supplies.
> Perhaps someone has done this that I’m not aware of.

There is an off the shelf solution for this from Polyend: 




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