[sdiy] Techniques for Multiplying MIDI Clock frequency?

Mike Bryant mbryant at futurehorizons.com
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Totally agree some USB stacks for MIDI are useless (Linux/ALSA anybody) but that doesn't damn USB itself.   MIDI2.0 depends on using USB (or Ethernet) and even on original MIDI it gives far better performance provided you have use USB2.0.  
But USB 1 is actually worse than 5 pin DIN so make sure it isn't falling back into that.

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USB-MIDI is another layer (of hell). I don't think it's going to solve any issues that 5-pin DIN has. Maybe because the microcontrollers that have USB are typically many, many times faster than an old 8-bit one though. OTOH, some USB stacks are very poorly written.

On 12/20/2021 8:55 AM, Benjamin Tremblay via Synth-diy wrote:
> I finally bought a mini scope. I have no excuse not to use it.
> I agree, this is not a hard limitation on 5 pin MIDI, but it’s too 
> easy for developers interested in performance to abandon it and move to USB.
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