[sdiy] Techniques for Multiplying MIDI Clock frequency?

Adam Inglis (synthDIY) synthdiy at adambaby.com
Mon Dec 20 03:36:59 CET 2021

> On 19 Dec 2021, at 22:06, Spiros Makris <spirosmakris92 at gmail.com> wrote:
> You don't *need* this kind of resolution to play around polyrhythms and such, but musicians tend to come up with all sorts of crazy feature requests. This particular one was the result of a discussion with a percussionist, who has some experience in Indian percussion.
> His approach, which I found rather interesting, is that you should have the option of defining how many notes will be played within a "beat", and let you make the "beat" equal to any of the rhythm values. So, for example, things like 3 notes within a quarter or 5 within a dotted eight would somehow be legit settings. Add 7 more channels to this and you have some proper madness to play with.
> Do I understand how he'd make music with this? Not really. But I think it's a very interesting challenge from a technical standpoint.

Agree, it does sound interesting.
Certainly there is potential for “proper madness”  !!!   … for it to become music it will need careful control!

I’ve found when messing around, not so much with polyrhythms, but certainly with ‘odd’ time signatures, that it takes a good musician to show how it all makes sense. 
Play around with 7/8 on a drum machine and instrument of your choice, hmmm, hard to get a groove going… then you hear what Brubeck did with it, and you go "ah ha, now I get it!”


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