[sdiy] DIY mixer/console

Mike Bryant mbryant at futurehorizons.com
Wed Dec 1 15:34:45 CET 2021

I'm sure even Rupert Neve started out with some Veroboard.  Or maybe even tag-strip :-)

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> Gagh! Brave man! That sounds like a mighty project.

In terms of electronics design it wasn't very challenging.  It just ended up being a relentless job of soldering and drilling holes in the panel for pots!

> The *first* thing I would do if I even considered taking on such a 
> task would be to design a nice channel strip PCB with all the pots 
> down one edge so that I had zero wiring to do!

Yeah, I totally agree.  But I was only about 19 when I started it.  I had no idea how to make a PCB back then, or any money to pay for the Photo-plot tooling.  I did however, have lots of wire, veroboard and a track cutter ! 


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