[sdiy] Power transformers?

Nathan Trites nathan at idmclassics.net
Wed Aug 25 04:42:52 CEST 2021

The magic words are usually "dual secondary" but the terminology and search
between distributors and brands isn't consistent. Then of course you'll
want one of those outputs to have a center tap. Never fun.

You may have trouble getting enough current out of both outputs. The only
options that come to mind that would be suitable for both +/-12 and 5v only
provide about 1/5 as much current to the center tap output for the analog
rails, so they're not really useful in a eurorack environment.


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> Hey, I like to think I know about electronical things, but I am at a loss
> trying to find a power transformer with an auxiliary secondary output
> (suitable for a three output eurorack-type psu.
> How can I shop online for transformers by voltage, center-tapped, and
> auxiliary? The Internet seems broken.
> Benjamin Tremblay
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