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they got kanye


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> https://www.lovehulten.com/
> I thought his construction method of cases and front panels, while
> seemingly fairly simple, is also very interesting.
> Of course, the prices are astronomical, but you can still learn
> something from it.
> The guts are completely uninteresting, though. The synth is just a
> Korg Minilogue inside. Sorry, correction - it's just a case... which
> costs over 6x what the Minilogue does... and you have to get the guts
> yourself. But it's still pretty.
> BTW, I saw this on a social network sponsored ad, hard-selling it for
> $25, saying there are only 40 left and 15 people are watching it right
> now. Obvious scam, but I was intrigued by the design, so I decided to
> look it up.
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