[sdiy] Custom Enclosure service?

jarno.verhoeven jarno.verhoeven at ziggo.nl
Mon Aug 30 14:02:42 CEST 2021

Does it need to be a custom box? Because to do that neatly is no a trivial matter.Machining from solid is sometimes done for shielding reasons, but both the material thickness and machine time make this very expensive.Sheetmetal is relatively easy, but is still quite a bit of work (a few hours per enclosure) There is a wide variety of off the shelf enclosures available.3d printing then mould making and casting is an option, but it requires quite a bit of work and know-how. But if you need integrated heatsink, it might be interesting.What is the requirement that dictates going for a custom enclosure?Sent from my Galaxy
-------- Original message --------From: Spiros Makris via Synth-diy <synth-diy at synth-diy.org> Date: 30/08/2021  13:52  (GMT+01:00) To: synth-diy mailing list <synth-diy at synth-diy.org> Subject: [sdiy] Custom Enclosure service? Hello list,I am looking for someone who can make a metal enclosure for me, to fit a device with buttons, jacks etc. I think I have enough budget available to delegate this to someone else who'll do it better than me (metalworking is really not my strong point). Specs are still a bit vague, I expect the size to be around 20x15cm, with holes and cutouts on two of the sides (top and back). Some method of marking the front panel with letters will be nice too. I'm looking for just a couple of units. The specific method of manufacture doesn't concern me, but I suppose a sheet metal enclosure or routing an off the self box would be the most accessible options for me?I guess I'm looking for suggestions of either professionals who offer this service for small quantities or any fellow hobbyist who has the required tools and might be willing to take up a small project.
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