[sdiy] Korg BPX-3 or PK-13 service manual / schematic?

Daniel Roberts danmroberts at gmail.com
Sat Aug 28 22:32:12 CEST 2021


Does anyone have the service manual / schematic for the Korg BPX-3 or
PK-13? The BPX-3 is a bass synth, while the PK-13 is a set of floor pedals
(in the style of organ bass pedals). I'm not sure if the two were
originally sold separately or as one unit, as far as I can tell the BPX-3
is the only instrument the PK-13 pedals were used with.

I recently acquired a BPX-3 synth without the pedals, and would like to
construct an alternate interface. The user manual for the BPX-3 lists a
note range of 13 notes, corresponding to the 13 keys on the bass pedals,
and the connector from the synth to the pedals is a 14-pin centronics
connector. This information suggests to me that the pedal unit may have
simply contained switches, and the synth may use a resistor ladder for
pitch. I'm just curious if the service manual is out there to confirm
before I do further testing.

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