[sdiy] *EXT* Best chinese PCB manufacturer ---> who could handle HPGL files too..

Ullrich Peter Peter.Ullrich at kapsch.net
Thu Aug 26 16:03:02 CEST 2021

Hi JP!

There are HPGL to Gerber converters around.
Most of them are not cheap, but there is also one for only 95 US$.


There is a fully funcrtioning 30day evaluation version for testing.

Maybe an option for you...


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Betreff: *EXT* [sdiy] Best chinese PCB manufacturer ---> who could handle HPGL files too..

So far I contacted ALLPCB for a quote..

I need 2 specific pcbs to be made:

The first one is a standard 1.6mm thick, 2 layers pcb with holes and traces
that I have GERBER files for it. ALLPCB can process them.. Fine.

But the second pcb is a thin 5mils thick front panel pcb
with no holes and no copper on it. Only fiberglass with solder mask and silkscreen layouts.
The layout files were generated by a front panel CAD program made by Abacom called FrontDesigner v3.0
The problem is that CAD can only produce HPGL vector files.. no GERBER.
Here an example of  the HPGL files produced:

[cid:image001.png at 01D79A93.D843F000]

When making the quote request on the ALLPCB web site
the guy who replied to me (Joshua) told me the following:

.. Sorry, there is no shape layer and wireless circuit layer in the HPGL machine_files.
Incomplete files? ? Please reply me with a complete document

These HPGL files could be convert/processed by my local pcb manufacturer

Who recently raised its prices because of COVID and that's the reason
I'm now looking for chinese pcbs alternatives..

So.... Starting from there does anybody know a Chinese manufacturer
who could handle my HPGL files for the front panel job ?



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