[sdiy] Soldering copper to aluminum using indium

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Wed Aug 18 01:46:10 CEST 2021

One of the reasons we were using Indium in our application was that it
remains soft and can take up the difference when bonding materials with CTE
mismatches. We were soldering glass-like materials to copper.

We were operating at cryogenic temperatures, so the huge swings from 77K to
room temp would eventually fatigue the solder joint, but they typically
lasted several months of daily temperature cycles.

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> I don't know about the difference in thermal conductivity, but for this
> bit you might want to consider getting the heatsink good and hot in an
> oven.  Do it slowly and let it get to an even temperature right through.
> Also consider that the dissimilar metals will expand and contract at
> different rates, and it might just crack itself free after a few cycles of
> heating and cooling.
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