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This did not change my perception of tinnitus, it's gone. I had it due
to an ongoing infection because the Eustachian tube was stuck, like
you guessed. Still sometimes is, but now I know what to do about it,
and it's not literally glued shut, so nowadays it's as simple as
swallowing hard. The first few times I had to close my nose with my
fingers and suck air in REALLY hard and it was very, very
uncomfortable and a little pain was involved as well. I believe
whatever drainage was going /to/ the middle ear was stuck too. The
fluid in there was like krazy glue. It's not hard to imagine if one
bit of your ear is inflamed then the bit just a few millimeters next
to it will be too. Between this and a swig of whisky my ears are doing
pretty well and I have much fewer infections than I used to, but I
also don't travel to work nowadays so that might well be a factor as

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> > I’m curious how this works. My wife has tinnitus. Did you do Müller’s maneuvre with a doctor?
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> My understanding is that manoeuvre only changes the person’s perception of the tinnitus, it does nothing to “cure” it. A likely scenario is that there was a blocked Eustachian tube, and the manoeuvre simply unblocked it, thus restoring normal pressure to the middle ear, where the ossicles are. Tinnitus (in  most cases) arises in the inner ear (cochlear) - and yes there are a lot of rare exceptions.
> Tinnitus is common, but when it becomes pathological it’s often due to a myriad of complex interconnected factors, not least being psychological (stress, depression).
> A
> (hospital emergency dept doctor - but not an otolaryngologist!!)
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