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francesco mulassano francesco.mulassano at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 09:51:55 CEST 2021

Hi Guys!
Thanks to Bastien, now i have my original copy of Electronotes!

I've spent the last few days tidying up and checking all the content and
I'd say I have the full version. I just have some doubts about the
supplements, maybe you can help me shed some light on this issue. I wrote
to Bernie but unfortunately he didn't answer me.

   - EN #1 - #204 - Complete
   - AN #1 - #362 - Complete (I still have to finish checking but they all
   seem to be there)
   - Builder Guide and Preferred Circuit Collection - Complete
   - Music Engineer's Handbooks - Complete
   - Literature Evaluation 1-10 - Complete
   - Mid-Month Letters - Complete
   - Perspectives - Complete

Based on this document

I have the *Supplements* - *INCOMPLETE*

*S-003 INCLUDED in EN #9 (present)*
*S-014 New Approach to analog music synthesis (present)*
*S-015 Transform Methods In Musical Engineering (present)*

*MISSING*: S001 - S002 - S004 - S005 - S006 - S009 - S010 - S011 - S012 -
S013 - *S017* - S018

> Q: What are the "Supplements" all about?
> A: Hmmmm. Well, they are not supplements to anything in particular - not
> to the MEH or EBG&PCC as some might misunderstand by the placement on the
> order form. Much of the function of the original supplements was taken over
> by the application notes. The ones we still include are either still
> thought to be valuable or in good supply (or both).
> I plan to keep only three S-014, S-015, S-017 in paper. I am way
> overstocked in these and am offering them free with any order. Two of them
> are really useful:
> S-014 B. Hutchins, “New Approaches to Analog Musical Synthesis” 93rd Acoust
> Soc Amer meeting, June 7, 1977
> S-015 B. Hutchins, “Transform Methods in Musical Engineering” July 1977


B001		Preliminary Bibliography - Part 1
B002		Preliminary Bibliography - Part 2
B003		(Unknown)
B004		Bibliography - Supplement

Do the *MISSING* issues exist and are they available?

Thanks for the help
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