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Hi Bernie, thanks a lot for your email.

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>> However, if you multiply a transient by a program…
> Multiply?   How – where?

A compressor is a typically pathological example. Fast transients
being multiplied by another signal.

It's not 4 quadrant multiplication. Only 2 quadrant - the envelope is
always going to be positive. So basically it's like 4 quadrant
multiplication if one of the signals also had a DC bias. You're going
to get the original signal /plus/ the multiplication products.

>> So how do you find out the frequency content of a transient such as an exponential rise or decay?
> Very basic FT book/tables.

>> How does one calculate the frequency content of transients?
> Well – Fourier Transform if you have it as a math function and can do the integral.  Else obtain enough samples and use an FFT (properly).  Standard stuff.

Would you mind walking me through either where to find it in a book or
how to calculate it? I would appreciate that. I haven't read any books
on FFT so I'd be lost. But I do understand it (mostly).

Best regards

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