[sdiy] Question for those with musical ears

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Not sure what you think that has been written is nonsense as I've had some useful replies.

I totally agree it is a psycho-acoustical issue and experimenting would be good, apart from a couple of issues.  Firstly as I explained earlier I am absolutely tone deaf.  That hasn't stopped me designing some well-received audio equipment but my analysis is done on a spectrum analyser and distortion analyser, not using my ears.  In the past I would therefore then take my designs across the valley to a musician from a well known 60s/70s rock band but a) we are in a pandemic, and b) he died last year.  Thus asking questions on Synth-diy seems a reasonable approach for now to make some progress.

For people who have asked to hear the results, sampling is a grey legal area so I don't want to post anything on the forum and end up with a cease and desist order, but I'll try and find something I can put up legally.   What it sounds like is generally the same as what went in playable at any pitch but with any low level information removed.  For a piano note this actually makes it sound cleaner, although perhaps less interesting.   For guitars it changes the plucking sound noticeably but from then on it's moreorless identical.  For the human voice you can do all the usual autotune effects, but where it's most useful is removing unwanted sibilance without disturbing the rest of the voice.

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I don't know.  This is a psycho-acoustical issue and like all such issues should not progress to any theoretical considerations until a solid observational basis (truth - the REAL answer) is at hand.  Experiment first!
Frankly what is written above is largely nonsense.

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