[sdiy] ARP Axxe sliders set

Michael E Caloroso mec.forumreader at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 16:33:30 CEST 2021

Best new replacements are Bourns PTL slidepots with adapter boards
from gmusynth.com

You want 45mm length 15mm shaft slidepots.

Forget rebuilding originals.  Those CTS slidepots were not long life
and their resistive elements fail over time.  The rework is labor
intensive and will not extend their life.  The same problem exists
with NOS.


On 4/8/21, francesco mulassano via Synth-diy <synth-diy at synth-diy.org> wrote:
> Thank you Mark,
> I knew about CTS and the clones, did the adapters for alps work well?
> thanks for the suggestions
> F.
> Il giorno gio 8 apr 2021 alle ore 12:46 mark verbos <markverbos at gmail.com>
> ha scritto:
>> Francesco,
>> The original ones are from CTS and long out of production. They were used
>> in Buchlas and Urei equalizers. They are and always were garbage. You can
>> take them apart and clean with alcohol and then re-lube them to get them
>> working again.  Or in the case of an Axe or Odyssey you can soak the
>> entire
>> PCB in alcohol and then scrub with a big soft brush and re-lube the
>> sliders. I have not personally done it, but I have seen it done
>> successfully. There are Chinese clones out there. They also feel terrible
>> and will probably break very quickly, so a very accurate reproduction!
>> You
>> can usually find them on ebay. I have also made a small PCB that hasthe
>> holes for one of those and the holes for an ALPS 45mm slider so you can
>> put
>> the ALPS one in its place. Sadly, getting those ALPS ones in tapers and
>> values is not easy.
>> Mark
>> PS. I hate the way that all senders are “synth-diy at synth-diy.org now. It
>> really messes with my ability to skim content.
>> On Apr 8, 2021, at 11:44 AM, francesco mulassano via Synth-diy <
>> synth-diy at synth-diy.org> wrote:
>> Not exactly DIY but i need to find the complete set of sliders for my arp
>> axxe, where can i find them in europe without giving away a kidney? I
>> believe that those that are on the market are clones of the originals, do
>> you know if there are compatible ones to spend less?
>> Thank you!
>> Francesco
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