[sdiy] Possible 4 channels scope.. Siglent SDS1104X (-U or -E)

Jean-Pierre Desrochers jpdesroc at oricom.ca
Mon Apr 5 22:47:19 CEST 2021

Yesterday I also started to look at some new scopes alternatives..
I found (in my opinion) the Siglent SDS1104X-U or SDS1104X-E to be a good choice..


But 2 things bug me so far..

I’ve looked some Youtube videos about the X-E and
it seems to be picky on the triggering..
Have a look here at 15:40

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kay4Jk2DHuE <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kay4Jk2DHuE&t=611> &t=611s 

Anybody who owns this beast has the same problem on NORMAL triggering .. ?


This will make you laugh but I find its front panel
looks a little ‘Start War’.. And I never loved that much
the new scopes mood of rubber lighted buttons.
I’m worrying about the short life time reliability of these (cheap carbon contacts)
compared to 20 to 30 years old scope..


But this is my humble opinion.




On 5 Apr 2021, at 17:10, Jean-Pierre Desrochers < <mailto:jpdesroc at oricom.ca> jpdesroc at oricom.ca> wrote:


I'm looking for a used 4 channels scopes on eBay.

I have preferences for HP and Tektronix.


Anybody owns (or owned) this type of scope ?

 <https://www.ebay.ca/itm/124166473008?&ul_noapp=true&autorefresh=true> https://www.ebay.ca/itm/124166473008?&ul_noapp=true&autorefresh=true


Looking at the 10th picture showed: 
All the 4 channels are on the screen but it looks to me that 

some of them shows DC offsets (no probes connected..)
I can see the channel#1 ref dot line completely alone 

but many signal lines are over it.. 

Channel#1 at 2.00mv/div

Channel#2 at 5.00mv/div


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