[sdiy] Need help about how to service an amp

Ingo Debus igg.debus at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 14:17:49 CEST 2021

> Am 04.04.2021 um 20:28 schrieb cheater cheater via Synth-diy <synth-diy at synth-diy.org>:
>> What would be the best way to emulate the speaker load ? A resistor connected to the output ?
> This might be surprising but... the original speaker that's still in
> the cabinet.

In my experience so far almost all transistor amps run fine without a load (not so with tube amps - never run those without a load). But to be sure that they really work you need to connect a load. It’s possible that they appear to work without a load but don’t as soon as a load is connected.

Using a speaker as a load for an amp of unknown state is risky - if the amp is defective it could fry the speaker very quickly (been there, done that).


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