[sdiy] An unusual opamp only four quadrant multiplier

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This kind of crazy stuff often ends up sounding either very bad or
very unique or very good. I'd say go for it.

On Sat, Apr 3, 2021 at 2:27 AM Didrik Madheden via Synth-diy
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> I watched one of Aaron's latest lectures, the one about Buchla's
> Diodeless Deadband Circuits. (Hi Aaaron. Yes, I'm "GG" over there in
> case you're wondering.) That circuit got me thinking about another
> circuit I saw once, and finally found my way back to. It's an analog
> four quadrant multiplier (ring modulator) using only jellybean opamps
> as active elements, ie no OTAs or similar.
> Two opamps are connected as unity followers with their outputs
> connected together through a resistor, to create a squaring circuit.
> Another similar cell is connected with one of the input signals
> inverted. Then the current consumption of those two cells is measured
> by putting a resistor in series with the power supply (!) which forms
> a simple current to voltage converter. The difference of those signals
> is taken with another opamp, and that is the result of the
> multiplication.
> This was published in 2011 by Vanchai Riewruja & Apinai Rerkratn as
> "Four-quadrant analogue multiplier using operational amplifier". There
> is, what seems like a first draft available for free online which
> doesn't have the final circuit with two opamps per cell, and shows
> pretty bad circuit performance. The final version is available in the
> International Journal of Electronics volume 98, issue 4. If you have
> academic access, or $53 burning in your pocket you can get direct
> access to it. If you have neither of those, contact me off list.
> So my question is, has anything like that ever been used in a
> practical circuit? Either in a musical synthesizer, or some other
> context that you're aware of? It's a bit naughty connecting the opamp
> power supply through a resistor, but it seems to work according to the
> paper.
> --
> /Didrik
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