[sdiy] 74HCxxx or CD40xxBE for long term reliability ?

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Sun Sep 27 09:38:56 CEST 2020

if supply current would not matter, for the sake of long term 
reliability I would try to avoid CMOS chips as they are much easier to 
damage by ESD than bipolar ones.

Now if HC is more long term reliable than CD or vice versa, I'd like to 
hear about that too from a professional working on chips reliability (is 
anyone working on that at all?), as there may be more reliability 
dependendce on manufacturer's fab choice than the logic family. In order 
to work at higher voltage, the CD chips use bigger gate silicon process 
so in theory they may be more difficult to destroy. But all today's 
chips have some input protection anyway.

I choose CD4000 over other logic families only when I want slower edges 
of my signals, or higher than 6V supply voltage. There's no other 
advantages IMHO.


W dniu 2020-09-26 o 21:12, Jean-Pierre Desrochers pisze:
> On a 5volt based supply project,
> If you had to use logic IC's on a new design
> And the supply current would not matter
> Would you use 74HCxxx or CD40xxBE for long term reliability ?
> I know ARP used mostly CD40xxBE family in their 70's synths
> when logic was needed.
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