[sdiy] Toggle switch for mic

Steve Lenham steve at bendentech.co.uk
Tue Sep 22 18:50:05 CEST 2020

On 22/09/2020 17:34, ColinMuirDorward wrote:
> I zoomed in on that picture of the parts baggie, and you can actually 
> see the switch pretty clearly. It looks like it's PCB-mount, with no 
> threads on the collar.
> This makes sense since a nut won't tighten down very nicely on the round 
> body of the mic. Looking at pictures of other mics with switches, they 
> never seem to use a locknut/collar, so I think I think PCB-mount must be 
> the norm here.
> Since I'm not replacing the PCB, I'll have to jimmy something with a 
> panel-mount switch. Tayda has some stubby-lever switches that might cram 
> into the mic body. Maybe some bubblegum and paperclips will do the rest!

Any switch that you can persuade to mechanically fit should be fine, 
except it really really needs to have gold-plated contacts if you want 
it to be reliable in this sort of application.

Using the same general-purpose silver-contact toggle that you'd choose 
to switch 12V for a motor is something you would almost certainly regret!


Steve L.
Benden Sound Technology

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