[sdiy] Jig for measuring resistor values?

David G Dixon dixon at mail.ubc.ca
Fri Sep 11 01:39:19 CEST 2020

I just tape down the probes of my DVM to the edge of my bench so that the
two metal bits are about an inch apart and sticking out over the edge, and
then just touch resistor leads to them.  I can still read the stripes, but I
do a lot of hand-selecting for accuracy, and even separate 1% resistors of a
single nominal value -- say, 100k -- into separate bags of 99.5k, 99.6k,


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A big thanks to everyone for all of the suggestions. I now have multiple

On Sep 10, 2020, at 12:32 PM, Jay Schwichtenberg <jschwich53 at comcast.net>

I think your dating yourself there Ian.

Do you still have the headset your hook up to your crystal set with those?

I was tempted to similarly crack wise but decided against joshing about such
a venerable figure in the history of our hobby. 8D

I am tempted to say "madness/insanity" instead of "hobby" but I am also a
member of groups for Geiger Counter and Nixie Tube enthusiasts. The former
are a generally sober bunch but do occasionally succumb to an opportunity to
add a rare and exotic device to their collection and/or upgrade their
gammaspec lab to the next level. As for the Nixie (et al) camp...the best
way I can put it is to say that some of them must have the most patient,
long-suffering and tolerant wives in the world. Watching the price of
B-7971s increase exponentially on eBay only seems to increase their lust for
yet another six digit clock that can display the time in two dozen different
"fonts". Then there's the additional cost of the custom acrylic/aluminum
enclosure...  $_$

I'll admit it, I paid $72 recently for an IN-23, my all-time record for a
single component. What can I say? It's the only *Nixie* tube that can
display most of the Cyrillic alphabet. There are NOS Soviet-era VFDs on eBay
that can do a better job but I'm not excited by an indicator technology
that's still around (the microwave in our kitchen has a VFD on it). 

Meanwhile, I can relax safe in the knowledge that tomorrow one will go for
over $85 and a few months from now they'll be breaking a hundred. As for
Nixie clocks, I have a Systron-Donner Time Code Generator/Reader that fits
in one rack space and keeps excellent time. A friend of mine gave it to me
years ago when he moved to smaller digs. See here:


BTW, if anyone knows how to fix the brittle plastic pushbutton caps I'm all
ears. The missing (broken) ones are safely tucked away for the day when a
solution comes along.

And I DO have a single 7971-with the socket! Eric Barbour (Metasonix) gave
it to me years ago. Only five more to go-NOT.

Finally, I have an ancient Radio Shack kit with Fahnestock clips on it for
the 9V battery. It's around here...somewhere.

Terry Bowman, KA4HJH
"The Mac Doctor"

"Never install version point-zero of anything"

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