[sdiy] Jig for measuring resistor values?

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> On Sep 9, 2020, at 6:33 PM, Ben Stuyts <ben at stuyts.nl> wrote:
> Hi Terry,
> Through-hole I assume?

Natch. I never learned the 1% color code back when I could just glance at a 1/4W resistor and now I'm buying kits full of tiny 1% resistors that I can't see anyway. The ohmmeter approach is best for me because I have to constantly move my glasses or even switch between two pairs just to handle the PC board, solder, read the next instruction, etc. If I had a laptop it would help with some of this but I don't.

> Some of the LCR meters have really handy fixtures / clips / tweezers, perhaps they are available separately.

I'd love to have a little cradle that I could just drop them into one at a time. Semi-permanently connected to a second DVM. That's the fastest approach I can think of. If something like that exists I'll pay money for it.

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