[sdiy] Moog sequencer 960 analysis.. further DETAILED questions..

Jean-Pierre Desrochers jpdesroc at oricom.ca
Fri Sep 4 23:07:14 CEST 2020


Hi list,

I’ve been studying for a while the Moog 960’s  way of working and behavior
in specific situations. 

I viewed many videos on how to use it

But there are ‘dark areas’ that are not described in any of what I found on
the web so..

I’d have some questions to ask to someone who actually owns one

And could do some tests on it.

If anybody owns one and could take a little time for some questions

please email me at jpdesroc at oricom.ca




Have a look at ALL my questions here :



Suppose you have the following setup on the Moog 960


The internal low freq oscillator is stopped,

All the 9 columns are at rotary switch 'normal' position

but the 4th which is at 'skip'

What happens if I push the 4rth column SET pushbutton ?

Will it select the 4rth or the 5th column ?

And if the 4th column is selected anyway

and I start the oscillator, will it skip this 4rth column

at the very start and go to the next 'normal' column

or execute the 4rth anyway ?



I suppose that (when reached) any 'stop' selected columns will stop the
internal oscillator

and turn its 'oscillator ON' light off ?

The same way as if I connect a column's OUT jack

to the oscillator 'OSC OFF' jack ?



It seems that the possible CV voltages on each row

are 0-2vdc (x1),  0-4vdc (x2), 0-8vdc (x4) ?



When the oscillator is ON,

The main oscillator output jack is allways giving a +5vpeak 90% duty cycle
pulse right ? (for ADSR reason ??)

But each individual column out jacks give a positive pulse which duration is
the actual column time ?



The internal oscillator:

What are the actual min/max frequencies on each possible 6 positions ?



While the internal oscillator is running,

Pushing the 'shift' pushbutton would 'add' pulses

on the running pulse stream to all the shift registers ?



While a sequence is running on all the 8 columns

and the sequence has reached column#7

what happens if I push the column#3 SET button ?

Will this disturb the sequence and bring it back to column#3 

then resume all the normal sequence ?


I know these are lots of questions but that is why

I asked for someone who knows the 960..




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