[sdiy] Envelope attack smoothing for drum question

Alex Sullivan bloke at blokezero.com
Tue Sep 1 15:06:23 CEST 2020

Hi Brian,

On 22/08/2020 06:53, Brian Willoughby wrote:
> Thank you very much, Adam, for sharing that comment and link.
> Ever since I read the EM article in 1987, I've been fascinated with MIDI timing. Unfortunately, I lost the article for decades, and I felt like accuracy was never good enough. Whatever the equipment could do, I felt like it needed more. In product designs, I would push for tighter timing. I didn't have actual numbers, though, because I couldn't find the reference. Recently, I happened upon a photocopy of the article that I'd made, which thankfully has the EM issue at the bottom of each page. I still have my Polyphony and Electronic Musician subscription issues, so I've "reconnected" with that inspiring article.

Thanks for the detailed info - very very interesting! Yes, the standard 
number is 5ms is noticeable by the average person.  In terms of feel 
smaller variation is often very noticeable.  Jitter especially so as it 
sounds just sloppy and unsatisfying.

I found a copy of the article here perhaps? 

it seems to be missing some of your figures.



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