[sdiy] Analogue LFOs with Skew and Sync

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Fri May 22 15:35:36 CEST 2020

Hi All!

You may or may not remember me asking about analogue LFOs with VC-Skew not too long ago, and a lot of you provided really useful references and help. Thanks for that!

Well, I'm still working on my ideal LFO, and I'd like it to have a 'sync' or 'reset' input. I've looked at a whole bunch of different analogue LFO designs out there and have so far found that they seem to *either* have skew ability, *or* sync, and I've so far been unable to get a 'skew-core' LFO to sync properly in simulation (which I'm defining as 'resets to 0v, and continues in the positive direction from there upon receiving a trigger signal').

Does anyone know of any analogue LFO designs that have both skew and sync capabilities, or have any ideas relating to that?
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