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What I learned from that video is that they made quality stuff in the 1950s,
and they made crap in the 1970s (and later), and that the need to recap
probably has more to do with the initial quality of the caps.  Can't say I'm

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On 11.05.2020 17:44, Steve Lenham wrote:
> On 05/05/2020 11:31, Gordonjcp wrote:
>> You'll never need to "recap" a power supply.  Ever.  Unless you've 
>> done something crazy and actually damaged it, of course.
> Ooh - I just received a Dynacord DRP20X (late 80s reverb unit) with a 
> huge hum on the output. There are dropouts visible at 100Hz on the -5V 
> analogue rail, and the input to the 7905 has massive 100Hz ripple. The 
> unit is full of odd bakelite-bodied East German electrolytic caps, 
> many of which have cracks and some of which have stuff leaking from 
> the cracks.
> It's a complete mystery what the fault might be - anyone got any ideas?
Watch this:





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