[sdiy] MIDI receiving flowchart.. WAS MIDI I/O c code..

Jean-Pierre Desrochers jpdesroc at oricom.ca
Fri Mar 20 20:10:10 CET 2020

One idea came to my mind reading all your great comments:
Would it be usefull for anybody in this DIY forum including newbies like me
that someone would publish a 'starting' MIDI receiving flowchart
of the basics from the incoming bytes to the actual final process
of each received notes ?
For example this helping flowchart would show the basic steps
of first: the interrupt function (USART Rx flag test, RxBuffer[] updating, etc...)
Then the behaviour of the main loop processing each received byte
for let's say a polyphonic MIDI to CV 8 voices module ?
And only for one MIDI channel for simplicity to understanding ?
I did in the past a big flowchart for my MIDI to CV 6 voices module
That I could 'squeeze'to keep only what's stated above.
This could be a starting point for anybody who wants to 'correct' things
and this way the DIY forum would have a 'list standardized' flowchart
For anybody to use in the future..
This would answer many design questions to come.
Again, a small flowchart of how to receive MIDI bytes for only one MIDI channel
And process for polyphonic use (8 voices).
If this suggestion interests enough diyers I could put my cleaned out
Flowchart on the list as a start..
Or maybe I'll be the only guy to be interested in that
Since many of you gurus have already been through these codings..

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