[sdiy] Crocodile/alligator clips for patching

Kylee Kennedy kmkennedy at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 19:36:49 CET 2020

Your mileage might vary but most of the alligator clips I've bought over
the years the wire isn't even soldered to the clip. It's just crimped on.
With a soft tug they have desleeved on me. I use them during breadboard
prototyping and any sort of touch or wiggle can cause intermediate drop
outs. Had them pop off or slide off wires if their grip isn't secure. I
would say Banana's are way more solid connections. The really cool part
about the Soma/Alligator clip setup is you have those little screw ends
poking up out of your case and can make quick conductive bridges with your
fingers that you wouldn't be able to with empty jacks.

The Pulsar 23 does sound very good. Curious to know what filter they
used...sounds like the earlier MS-20 VCF.


On Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 11:20 AM Xavier Butcher <zeedeeh at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have been planning a banana jack system, and have just seen the SOMA
> Pulsar 23, which actually uses M3 bolts and crocodile clips for patching!
> https://www.synthesizer.gr/soma-pulsar-23
> The system i’m planning is already quite unconventional as it is, battery
> powered with each module a separate boat made from salvaged cases, powered
> with ethernet cables.
> I’m wondering if using crocodile clips is basically the same as using
> bananas? would there be more noise/interference issues?
> Cheers
> Xavier
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