[sdiy] Casio CZ-1000 will not power off.

frey at radioles.com frey at radioles.com
Sun Mar 15 04:45:23 CET 2020

Hello all, the saga continues. I replaced a relay for the audio signal and my synth sounds good and clear again. But, evidently I have damaged something. When I try and turn off the unit the audio shuts off but the display and controls stay on and activated. Once I unplug the unit’s power supply from the outlet the synth stops. When I plug it back in it is off until I press the on button and then the synth works normally. Then again, when I press the off button. The sound stops but the lights and display and controls remain active.
 I understand that the power/amp board sends a power off signal to the cpu board through a ribbon cable. I have checked the pins on the cable for continuity and all points have passed.
 I am wondering if perhaps one of the components that send the cpu off signal have failed.
 I am a little inexperienced at troubleshooting and am wondering if I should just start changing electrolytic caps in the circuit?
 Anyone have any experience that can advise? Thanks. JoeF.
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