[sdiy] FS: Numerous DIP analog and digital chips

John Speth johnspeth at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 14 19:26:25 CET 2020

I'd like to see if somebody would like to buy my collection of DIP ICs. 
I used to work for a test and measurement electronics company. These 
chips were our accumulation of vendor samples and production stock for 
product design. Date codes are as early as 1988. I estimate 1000 parts, 
half of them analog. If anyone is interested in buying my collection, 
please contact me personally. If anyone needs more specific info, please 
reply publicly and I can take and post hi-res pics. None are tested nor 
were any powered up (probably). It's in Portland, OR.

Here's what I have inventoried on a per foam pad basis:

1. Analog - mostly op-amps (for example LF355, OP177, OP291, CA3140, 
UA741, and many many others) - This is the gold mine foam pad.

2. Digital - 74HCTxxx and CD40xx series

3. Analog switches, ADC, DAC

4. Digital - 74HCxxx series

5. Digital - 74LSxxx series

6. Digital - medium scale chips, probably not much use today (GAL, PAL, 
8051, GPIB, memory, RS232 voltage converters, etc)

7. ADC, DAC, a few H11L1 opto couplers

Thanks - John Speth

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