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Hi Lena,

this is brilliant: you’re getting every possible answer to your original question.


Do you have access to any sort of MIDI keyboard?

You might like to look at this:


That could be a good intro to following a circuit, soldering, working with Arduino and generally bodging things together to make a noise.

In fact I was inspired this week by your original message to add MIDI input to a module I built two years ago, and the code from that instructable sounds quite sweet.


This is a safer MIDI circuit, you don’t want to fry a borrowed keyboard:



If you don’t want to build an amplifier you can connect to an audio input like this:






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I'm open to anything. But a complete synth would be pretty sexy 


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Did the OP mention modular?  I don't remember seeing that.  It might be 
more gratifying to start out with a simple "complete" synth.
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