[sdiy] Getting Started with DIY Synths

Werner Flügel werner.fluegel at b-tu.de
Tue Mar 10 12:08:18 CET 2020

Am 10.03.2020 um 11:47 schrieb Flügel, Werner:
> Am 10.03.2020 um 10:40 schrieb ShedSynth:
>> Hi Michael,
>> I'm sorry about the inconvenience.
>> That link worked for me on Windows 10 + Chrome browser, but warns me that the site is "not secure".
>> I can also get there with IE and Edge.
> The link (http://electro-music.com/forum/topic-45231.html) works and is
> ok, the warning comes because of http ans not https. I.m.o. a stupid
> warning, as "normal people" without technical knowledge about networking
> don't know the difference and no real danger exists.

Additional Info: HTTPS works too, but complains about an self certified 
and expired certificate. Again: not real a danger. That means only, that 
the owner of the website has to renew the certificate and that no other 
authority was involved in creating the cert.


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