[sdiy] OT: uC Development Environments

Jay Schwichtenberg jschwich53 at comcast.net
Wed Mar 4 23:10:48 CET 2020


I'd like to get some ideas, thoughts and opinions on setting up a 
micro-processor development environment on my PC (Windows).

I was a HW/SW embedded/bare metal engineer until I retired. I did 
contract work and have worked with processors from the 8080, Z80, 6800 
... to todays MicroChips, ARMs and Intel Pentiums chips. Being a 
contractor I would usually work onsite to have access to programmers, 
test equipment and prototypes. The customer would have the development 
environment already established (Eclipse, gcc tool chain, MPLAB, IAR, 
Keil) so I just used what was there.

Well now I getting ready to setup my PC to do some development at home 
which will mainly be targeting SDIY. Doing stuff at home gives me a lot 
more choices of processors to work with. Going to be doing NXP ARM 
(chips and Teensys), STMicro ARM (chips, Nucleo, Discovery) , MicroChip 
things, Raspberry PI and probably some Arduino too.

The obvious choice would be to download and use MCUXpresso, 
STM32CubeIDE, MPLAB and Arduino development environments. That would be 
a lot but doable. One thing that a number of people seem to be using now 
days is VisualDBG ($) which integrates into MS Visual Studio which seems 
to be all inclusive.

VisualDBG seems to be OK but it doesn't seem to have the ability to do 
setup code and provide peripheral drivers like the other environments. 
Also don't have a clue of how well VisualDBG would support manufacture's 
libraries, board support code and demo code.

So what are other people doing, thoughts, ideas?

Thanks much.
Jay S.

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