[sdiy] Medeli SP4200 local played notes not affected by controllers received via Midi

Leo Schoonbroodt leoschoonbroodt at ziggo.nl
Tue Jun 30 20:54:52 CEST 2020


Maybe someone can help me out.

I bought a Medeli SP4200 Stage piano/Keyboard which has only a 
connection for a sustain pedal.
I would like to have a volume pedal too so I connected another keyboard 
(GEM SX3) with a volumepedal via Midi.
Controllers sent via Midi work nice for all data which is received via 
Midi but do not affect the locally played notes and accompaniment.

Is there another way to control locally played notes, other than using 
the master volume pot on the keyboard which is not handy in some 
situations (maybe with System Exclusives?? and does anyone have a list 
of recognized System Exclusives for the Medeli SP4200)?

Hope the question is clear because English is not my native Language.

With kind regards,
Leo Schoonbroodt

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