[sdiy] Ensoniq Esq-1 main board question

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Thu Jun 25 23:13:25 CEST 2020

Usual problems with ESQ-1 are ROM chips (available), corrosion in ribbon
connectors and broken display or keyboard controller. Unfortunately that
keyboard controller chip (Keyboard controller 1380 65002 / R1120-12) is
unavailable, some other parts are available. It would help if you could
swap parts like the keyboard ctrl from your ESQ to a working one one by one.

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> Hi, I have an Ensoniq ESQ-1 (metal case) that has decided it no longer
> wants to turn on, it shows a brief flicker on the display but that's it, no
> sound, no display, no response to any buttons. I went through the service
> manual, and verified that the display self test works, and the power supply
> voltages are all good. Performed the hard reset with no results. Tried rese
> ating the socketed chips and cable connections, nothing.  The manual at
> this point is no help, as it just instructs you to replace the main board.  I
> acquired copies of the schematics from buchty.net, but the ones of the
> main board circuits are not great quality so some things are hard to read,
> which makes troubleshooting more difficult.
> Does anyone have any knowledge of common main board issues that I can
> check, or any tips?  I'd prefer to repair the board that I have if possible,
> especially since replacements seem to be hard to come by. Any help would be
> greatly appreciated!
> Thanks,
> Mark
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