[sdiy] minimoog keyboard question

Neil Harper metadata at gmx.com
Tue Jun 23 09:24:26 CEST 2020

On 6/18/20 11:54 PM, Ian Fritz wrote:
> The S/H on my website gives a droop of about 3 cents/hr. And it can
> sample up to 10kHz. In agreement with Brian, droop is determined by cap
> quality.
> Ian

thanks ian, i had a look at your schematic already. if i was using it to
sample an existing 1V/OCT pitch CV, will the resulting 'held' voltage
come out accurate? i noticed you mention that it could use an additional
trimming/offset, so it could be dialed it to be accurate in that way?

thanks for your time and thanks for the clear and simple schematic by
the way, i'm looking forward to breadboarding this to understand it better.

/// Neil Harper
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