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I have never used CSound, but I am deeply obsessed with hardware reverbs. Wellcome to the deepest of rabbit holes. 
You may want to check out the Ursa Major Space Station. The designer, Chris Moore, has described it as a “Reverb Effect”, so it could be just what you are looking for. 
It is based on a bank of 24 delays. 8 of them are fixed by the program as “audition taps” or essentially early reflections. 15 taps are modulated and only available in the feedback loop (the “reverb” control brings the mix of them up in the input mixer. Finally, one tap is a variable delay that is acting as an echo, with feedback. When programs are selected, the 8 audition taps are set to their fixed delay times and positioned as 4 stereo pairs. Some very cool effects are possible, but Bricasti or high end Lexicon quality reverb is not one of them. I got several ideas for my own Multi-Delay from the Space Station and Tom Erbe sights it as a reference for the Erbe-Verb, too. Ursa Major went on to make several more products that reworked and refined the same idea and ultimately the designer did products for AKG and Kurzweil. 

In the classic reverb collection, the ones that are the most synth or "reverb effect” style are the ones that have serious modulation. The EMTs, early Lexicons, even a few from Alesis are the standouts. Sadly, reverb algorithms are like chili recipes, everyone has their own and won’t share it with anyone. 


> On Jun 7, 2020, at 8:46 PM, Brother Theo <brothertheo2014 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Yo,
> I've been working with reverb programs in csound. The current attempt is a plate reverb. It turns out 3d animation isn't the only place where there is an uncanny valley. Let me explain.
> In the early part of the dev I had 4 allpass filters in series and was playing with the settings. The results were fun and very synth-effect-y. But then I got the whole program working and it sounds crappy. Farther from a useful effect than the first one. I have reached the uncanny valley of reverbs, between obvious twangy effect and good sounding reverb there is a spot where it is kinda crap.
> Since my goal is to develop a 'reverb' effect that is more effect and less reverb, I think it is time to get my head straight and go in a new direction.
> --tr
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