[sdiy] JST Crimp Tool?

René Schmitz synth at schmitzbits.de
Thu Jun 4 00:11:52 CEST 2020

Hi Mike,

On 03.06.2020 22:52, Mike Beauchamp wrote:
> Can anyone recommend a crimping tool that does a good job with the 
> pins for JST connectors (XH and some PH)? Ideally one I can get in 
> north america fairly quickly?
My experience is with XH, and "Dupont" crimps. I use an Iwiss IWS2820M. 
Takes some practice (i.e. not to press too hard), but after that you can 

good crimps with it. Fairly simple construction. (YT-er Bigclive has it 
in a video: *https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXLmuDbcLBM*)

> The crimp tool I have that I have (SN-28B) seems to be too wide, so in 
> addition to nicely crimping it also deforms the front connector 
> section making it unusable. The ratchet-style is nice though.

It is tapered so that it doesn't happen, unless you do not align the 
contact properly.



synth at schmitzbits.de

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