[sdiy] where to get 3M Scotchflex sockets and strips?

Kenny Balys kenny at beatkamp.com
Mon Jul 27 22:34:44 CEST 2020

I checked there and Digikey and Mouser, etc.

Not way off at all, its a good suggestion. Its just these
are plastic parts and get brittle with time. I was hoping for
a fresh supply of newly made ones.

 From the lack of interest I guess I was happily using my stock
of them while the world went on to other things.

Serious question though: How are people prototyping digital
circuits? My prototypes usually go into service and I never
bother making anything else; this means the method I use
has to be fast and solid.

Is there some other system that replaced the 3M one?

Thanks for any tips.

On 27.07.20 20:24 , Shawn Rakestraw wrote:
> Maybe you have already checked, but what about somewhere like ebay. There may
> still be some around somewhere. I must admit that I have no idea what you
> are talking about so I may be way off.
> On Mon, Jul 27, 2020 at 3:43 PM Kenny Balys <kenny at beatkamp.com
> <mailto:kenny at beatkamp.com>> wrote:
>     Then they are gone? I was hoping someone would say something
>     like 'did you try Henry's World of Scotchflex Sockets?'.
>     What am I supposed to use to prototype bussed digital
>     circuits?
>     Wire wrap like the 70s again? Is there some other new system
>     I haven't heard about?
>     I just want to bang together an 8 latch MIDI controller for my
>     Music500. If I had the Scotchflex stuff I could do it in a few hours.
>     On 27.07.20 24:16 , Randy Dawson wrote:
>     > Those were my absolute favorite for microprocessor prototyping, nothing faster
>     > for doing bus routing
>     > Daisy chain wire wrap?  Forget it, this is IDE forks like ribbon connectors,
>     > just stab in your WW wire and move on to the next connection.
>     > They are only 2 deep though, so you have to think ahead.
>     > Randy
>     >
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>     > *Subject:* [sdiy] where to get 3M Scotchflex sockets and strips?
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>     >
>     > I am running out of 3M scotchflex sockets and push strips and I
>     > cannot seem to find where to get a resupply.
>     >
>     > Anyone know where to find them? Even the tool, 3M No.3522, seems to be
>     > nowhere.
>     >

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