[sdiy] Converting a Meng Qi voltage memory to banana FRAC format

Jozsef Baksay topylista1 at topybear.hu
Sun Jul 26 13:34:10 CEST 2020

It seems problematic. It may not fit in depth. I found these pictures of 
the construction:



> Hello list,
> I am asked by a friend if it is possible to get a eurorack Voltage 
> Memory and covert it to fit with the rest of his rig, which is, 
> mainly, a bugbrand synth voice.
> The PCB pic I can see from modular addict, for the eurorack version, 
> doesn't seem accommodating to bananas. I could widen the wholes 
> already present for the 3.5mm jacks on the PCB, but I'm not sure if 
> there's enough space...
> I think widening the wholes on the Panel is very easy so it doesn't 
> feel concerning at this stage.
> Any kind of advice is greatly appreciated!
> https://modularaddict.com/mengqi-voltage-memory-kit
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