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>> I recently discovered a long forgotten OC electronics reverb spring assembly in my pile so I thought I'd finally give it a try.
> Is there a label that tells you who manufactured it?
>> I connected the R channel of my cell phone headphone output to the reverb input. I connected the reverb output directly to the mic input of an old stereo. I heard the typical spring reverb sound after adjusting input drive and mic amplitude levels. It was just a matter of finding the right cable connectors, no soldering or additional circuits.
>> Are typical reverb spring assemblies that simple to apply?
> Yes.  Spring reverb assemblies have traditionally been driven by cell phones.

Only when they were running on (inter)tubes.

This might be helpful: https://www.amplifiedparts.com/tech-articles/spring-reverb-tanks-explained-and-compared <https://www.amplifiedparts.com/tech-articles/spring-reverb-tanks-explained-and-compared>


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