[sdiy] Quick Question about Grounding Power Supplies

Vladimir Pantelic vladoman at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 21:51:16 CEST 2020


longer answer:

for your and everybody else's safety, always connect PE (Protective
Earth) to your metal case (if you have one) as close as possible to the
power inlet and connect from there to your 0V reference, e.g. at the
busboard. if you have several busboards, star ground them and connect
your PE there.

On 03.07.20 21:34, Shawn Rakestraw wrote:
> Some of you may remember helping me learn how to design some PCBs a few
> months back. I have been using one of my homemade eurorack cases for a
> while now. To refresh the idea, it is essentially an electronotes design
> where a 24V center tapped transformer is regulated down to +12V and -12V.
> My question is this - Should the ground pin of the power cord be
> connected to the center tap of the transformer? Currently, I have it
> connected to the "Earth" terminal of the power switch and it is also
> connected to the "Body" of the transformer, but I have left the center
> tap "Floating".
> After putting a Make Noise Pressure Points module into the case and
> noticing what looks like a lot of noise on the signal, I think that
> maybe the earth ground should connect to the center tap and floating ground.
> Thanks for your advice.
> - Shawn
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